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Floors are taken for granted – we walk all over them every day, but can you imagine your life without them? Flooring is ubiquitous and a vital part of the home, office value. Whether you are talking about new construction or renovation or upgrade to an existing building, the experts who install floors are typically from floor laying services. In some cases, when floors do not need to be replaced, but refinished merely or refurbished to give them a new look, floor refinishing and resurfacing services may be the ideal contractors to call. In both cases, these companies have the personnel, knowledge, skill, and tools to remove old floors, prep the floor area, install new floors, or resurface and refinish existing floors, leaving you with spectacular new or like-new flooring results. In this article, we’ll talk about the differences between floor laying services and floor refinishing and resurfacing services, highlight the typical roles, tasks, and skills of floor laying services, do the same for floor refinishing and resurfacing services, and spend some time on the benefits of floor refinishing and resurfacing over installing entirely new floors.



First, it is important to differentiate between floor laying services and floor refinishing and resurfacing services. In some cases, these companies may be one and the same – that is, floor laying services may also offer floor refinishing and resurfacing services as part of their typical service offerings. As there is a limited amount of overlap in expertise, equipment used, etc., more often they may be found as separate entities.


Floor laying services are typically focused on removing old floors and installing new floors, or directly installing new flooring in new construction situations. It may or may not include subflooring – in many jurisdictions, subflooring construction, at least for new building projects, must be completed by the builder, leaving the more aesthetic aspects – such as the installation of carpet, tile, or wood floors – to the floor laying services. 


On the other hand, floor refinishing services typically don’t remove existing floors or install new floors. Instead, they work with some specific types of flooring, to remove contemporary finishes and any damage, blemishes, etc., and resurface the existing floor. That is most commonly with hardwood floors, and some concrete or slab-style floors, and may include re-staining, texturing, sealing, and similar.



Floor laying services often engaged with the installation of new flooring, or they may be responsible for removing existing flooring, prepping the subflooring, and then installing new flooring. In almost all cases, they specialize in most types of flooring that are available – carpet, tile, hardwood, vinyl/linoleum, and similar. They may offer concrete flooring options, as that often falls into a more specialized category all its own. They usually do not deal with basement or foundation slabs, which are typically the responsibility of the home or office builder rather than a service like a floor laying service.


In the case of existing floors that are going to be replaced, homeowners will typically be required to remove all removable appliances, furniture, and other items before the arrival of floor laying service pros. 


Then, floor laying services perform floor preparation. Exactly what kind of prep is needed varies greatly depending on the type of flooring to be installed. That can include padding, insulation, adhesives, or other types of prep work. If the floor laying service company is going to replace the flooring, before prepping the site, they must first remove the old flooring. It may add extra steps and cost to the process, as often there will be significant physical work to remove the existing floor, and remediation work underneath, such as stripping away current adhesive residue.


The flooring material is then usually installed, the exact process and techniques used vary by used material, of course. In most cases, except carpet, the floor is then left to sit for a while, before the floor laying services company completing the final floor installation tasks. 


If finishing tasks are required, they have performed after the flooring installation. Don’t shift, warp, expand, contract, or otherwise adjust flooring until adhesives, sealants dried. Then they can complete the finishing steps, such as installing guards where the floor transit to another flooring type, ensuring that the floor is secure, and no other sealing/finishing tasks needed that may be necessary depending upon the material.



By contrast, floor refinishing and resurfacing services tend to have a much less set of involved tasks to carry out. They are not generally involved with a new home or office construction, as their role is mostly to refurbish existing floors. Floor refinishing and resurfacing services are mainly concerned with working on existing floors, usually, hardwood or sometimes concrete, that have experienced wear-and-tear from heavy traffic, regular use, or occasionally specific damage, that has resulted in a need to refurbish the floor and make it look “like new” again.


Much as with floor laying services, property owners will need to remove all furniture, appliances, and similar from the work area before the arrival of the floor refinishing and resurfacing services personnel. 


Once on-site, the floor refinishing and resurfacing services will generally chemically or physically strip the sealant, coatings, or finish from the existing flooring. Depending on the material, that may be achieved with a chemical stripper that is applied, allowed to sit, and then cleaned off with a wet vac, or via physical means such as a sander/grinder type tool. In all cases, the goal is to strip off any sealant and finish from the flooring.


When the base is exposed, the actual refinishing and resurfacing process can commence. In the case of hardwood, this usually involves sanding and then straining the floors, perhaps with multiple coats, and often ending with a water-proofing sealant layer. The overall tone, color can be like what was already present, allowing a refresh of the flooring without the need for refitting interior décor. 


In the case of concrete-type floors, refinishing involves pouring or applying a new, top layer of concrete, or merely painting and sealing the existing concrete, which will now be a lower level than it was before. Colors, styles are changeable – the application of a new layer of textured concrete finishing is often desirable for improving the design. Regardless of the options chosen, floor refinishing and resurfacing services before work commencing, will ensure that the colors, textures, and other choices have been thoroughly considered and tested in place.


After the sealing, staining, painting, or after new textured concrete top layer laying, the floor refinishing and resurfacing services pros will perform and finish tasks that are necessary.



Most people are choosing floor refinishing and resurfacing services over new floor installation, and for a good reason – it is far more cost-effective. For wood or concrete floors, if there is no physical or underlying subfloor damage, then it is not necessary to entirely replace floors – unless you are looking to change the type of flooring completely. 


Concrete and hardwood floors are meant to last for quite a long time. Most signs of wear and tear from high traffic and daily life that occur on the hardwood and concrete floors are only cosmetic. Floor refinishing and resurfacing services provide that cosmetic and aesthetic refresh or rejuvenation. Since no expensive and complicated ripping up, subflooring, cleaning, prep of the subfloor, and installation of new flooring required, it’s only natural that floor refinishing and resurfacing services generally run consumers far less in costs than complete floor replacement. That means less money spent, and you still get a beautiful, like-new, possibly very different color or texture of the floor. And what’s more, you tend to get your home back quicker as well, as refinishing and resurfacing tasks usually take far less time than laying a new floor. 



In the end, whether you wish to rejuvenate your existing wood or concrete floors, or have new flooring of almost any type installed, the experts from floor laying services and floor refinishing and resurfacing services can provide the aesthetic and material options to fit your budget. New floor installation, or existing floor refurbishment, can be accomplished relatively quickly, and for competitive prices. Removing an existing floor will cost more, but it’s all well worth it – new, sparkling flooring that fits your interior design and aesthetic preferences can add tremendous value to a house, and last for many years of enjoyment.


Flooring Installation

One of the critical parts of any home or office building is the flooring. After all, without a floor, you can’t call it home – you have nowhere to stand, and nowhere to place furniture, fixtures, appliances, or anything else. Flooring tends to be reasonably permanent, with average home or office owners replacing flooring once, on average, in 20 or 30 years. Therefore, having flooring installed correctly, by experts who know what they are doing, is extremely important. Flooring installation service companies and flooring installers are those professional experts. They often are affiliated or run a showroom with various types of flooring that they install, allowing consumers to choose from carpet, tile, vinyl, concrete, hardwood, and other materials, in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures.

Flooring installation services and flooring installers will work with consumers to prep the home, remove existing flooring (if necessary), and install the new flooring. While flooring installation services and flooring installers may work on the new house construction, these services are usually hired directly by a builder or development manager and are therefore mainly outside the scope of this article. The processes and considerations, however, are mostly the same.


In this article, we’ll look at what flooring installation services and flooring installers do – mainly, the services they offer.  We’ll also walk through an overview of typical flooring installation processes, which generally apply to all types of flooring installations regardless of material type. We’ll touch on why you should use a flooring installation services company or flooring installer services rather than attempt to install floors yourself and highlight some of the essential criteria to consider when choosing a flooring installation service company or flooring installers for your project.


We should notice at the outset that we mostly use the term flooring installation services and flooring installers interchangeably throughout this article. There may be some small distinction in some areas, wherein flooring installation services tend to be larger, possibly offering additional services, whereas flooring installers are more often used to refer to smaller firms, but this is not universal. For our purposes, no matter what they call themselves, the professionals from these companies are what we’re discussing. If you have any concerns about the abilities of an individual company in your area, there are a multitude of resources to do your research before approaching them for a job.



Flooring installation services and flooring installers can offer many different services in the flooring area. Not all flooring installation companies, flooring installers provide all services, but typically, these companies:


  • Sell various types of flooring, including carpeting, hardwood, vinyl/linoleum, tile, and concrete,
  • Coordinate the flooring renovation (removal, cleanup, installation of new flooring) process,
  • Install new flooring on fresh construction where no existing flooring is present,
  • Can perform repairs on subflooring if defects or damage discovered during current floor removal,
  • Offer accessories and flooring care products (potentially including professional cleaning or refinishing services) to keep floors looking like new,
  • Offer flooring resurfacing and refinishing services, especially for hardwood or concrete floorings, to refurbish them without the need to replace the flooring completely.


The flooring installation process (again, assuming existing flooring is in place) generally begins with a homeowner or business owner's decision. Usually, many flooring installation services and flooring installers offer a wide range of flooring materials and may have a showroom associated with their business in which to showcase these choices. Alternatively, many big home improvement equipment stores also sell flooring and have associated flooring installation services companies and flooring installers on contract to perform the flooring installation.


Regardless of the source, experts will often walk customers through the pros and cons of different flooring options, their durability, material warranties, colors, textures, and other options available. Once a flooring solution has purchased, the next step is arranging the flooring installation. 


In almost all cases, the working area must be cleared, all appliances, furniture removed, etc. to allow the flooring installation services and flooring installers to have free access to the floor and the room.


Once the flooring installation services, flooring installers arrive on-site, they will set to work on removing the existing flooring. Depending on the age, type, material, and other factors, this may be a quick or lengthy process. This process can take a day or more on its own before any new flooring installation can take place. Especially in the cases with old floorings that were adhered to or cemented in place, as residue must be removed and the subflooring cleaned before any new flooring installation.


After cleaning the subflooring, flooring installation services pros, flooring installers will inspect it for any structural damage or defects, such as holes, rot, insect damage, or otherwise compromised supports, and in some cases undertake remediation efforts, or advise consumers to make a full repair or other tasks before starting the flooring installation. 


If no problems found, flooring installation services will then go ahead and start installing the new flooring. The exact methods and techniques vary considerably based upon the type of flooring but generally involve laying down some underlying material between the subfloor and the top layer of a new floor, applying adhesive, tack tracks, or other binding materials, and then installing the top flooring layer. In some cases, the new flooring may need a coat of sealant or some other type of top coating. It is also typical that flooring will then need to set and cure for a day or so before walking, moving appliances, furniture back into the place.


If there are any additional tasks necessary to finish the flooring, such as the installation of guards, retaining strips, or other hardware, flooring installers will undertake these tasks, and perform a final inspection before completing the job.



In this modern age of home hardware stores that offer DIY classes, YouTube tutorials, and web resources, it is often tempting to try to complete home renovation projects on your own. While some experienced DIYers may be able to complete some flooring installation tasks on their own and even do a good job, this is one of the jobs that advisably leave to professionals. Experts from flooring installation services, flooring installers will typically have experience with many installed floors. They’ll know what to do, how to do it right and efficiently for each type of flooring material, and have the skills, equipment, and knowledge to ensure the job is done correctly, expeditiously, and without flaw.


Aside from the potential cost savings of doing it yourself, there’s not a good reason to attempt the project. It likely will take far longer than leaving it to the professionals, and without some of the specialized, expensive, sometimes heavy equipment that they use, it may be a tedious, frustrating, and time-consuming task. What’s more, most quality flooring installation services and flooring installers will offer warranties on their work, and possibly on the flooring materials as well, so if something does go wrong and a problem shows later up, you have a warranty to fall back on. Flooring installations are not something you undertake frequently and are meant to last for decades or longer in some cases, so better should be managed by professionals from flooring installation services companies and flooring installers. 



Not all flooring installation services companies or flooring installers are equal. While you generally won’t have a choice of which company hired when a builder is calling the shots on the construction of a new home or neighborhood complex, the choice of the service provider for a replacement installation or consumer-directed renovation/construction is mainly up to you. Therefore, the customer should know what to look for, to ensure making an informed choice of the best flooring installation services or flooring installers in your area.


In conclusion, installing new flooring in your home or office can be a welcome renovation project, that can bring new colors, textures, and modern interior design possibilities into space. The experts from flooring installation services companies, or flooring installers, are best suited to complete these tasks, including removing old flooring, preparing the area for new flooring installation, and accomplishing the new flooring installation. There are some criteria to consider when choosing a flooring installation services company or flooring installers for your job, but with a little research, you can find a company that will offer you quality service at an affordable price.



Concrete Flooring Installation

One of the most critical parts of any home or office is also often overlooked – the floor. A solid, quality floor that will hold up through years of wear and tear is critical from a functional standpoint as well as concerning preserving the resale value. There is a multitude of different options for flooring in today’s market, including wood, tile, and laminate, but the choice that has become most popular of late is concrete flooring, typically installed by concrete flooring contractors or concrete flooring installation services.


When many of us think of concrete flooring, no doubt we think of bland, grey slab cement floors. While that indeed is one type, especially in office environments, today’s concrete flooring contractors can provide options for color and style choices to suit any design criteria. The experts from a reputable concrete flooring installation service are skilled in techniques like acid-staining, painting, overlays, textures, and patterns that will take the traditional idea of a concrete floor from drab to fab!


Concrete flooring has many benefits and advantages compared to other flooring options. These include:


  • Affordability – Expert concrete flooring contractors generally can install a decorative concrete floor for a price that is comparable to carpet, tile, or linoleum.  And, because there is far less upkeep involved, the lifetime cost of owning concrete flooring is equal to or less than most other options.
  • Ease of Maintenance – As concrete flooring installation services often out to potential customers, in almost all cases the only maintenance that a concrete floor need is an occasional quick pass with a dust mop, and periodic cleaning with mild soapy water.  No expensive rental cleaning machines or services are needed.  There are even additional coatings available from quality concrete flooring contractors that are ideal for business and high-traffic environments.
  • Cleanliness and Allergies – Concrete floors are great for environments where a lot of material is tracked inside, such as sandy or snowy climates.  Additionally, unlike carpet, a properly sealed, professionally installed concrete floor from a reliable concrete flooring contractor is non-allergenic and doesn’t trap pet dander, dust, or pollen.
  • Colour Options – Nearly any color imaginable is possible with stained concrete. Concrete flooring installation services generally have a showroom or palette of common stains to choose from.
  • Design Options – In addition to colors, concrete flooring contractors can seamlessly blend a custom concrete floor with the existing décor or design plan for a building. Concrete flooring installation services typically have many techniques that can be used to ensure project design goals are met, including the application of textures, “micro toppings,” different edges/saw cuts, and more.


Unlike some projects that fall into the category of “do it yourself,” installing a concrete floor requires knowledge, skill, and equipment that is out of reach of the average handyman. Masons with experience in concrete flooring installation, such as those found at concrete flooring installation services or concrete flooring contractors, are best suited to walk customers through their options, explain the process and timeline, and supervise the concrete flooring installation itself.


One cannot get the decorative concrete floor installed in a few hours like carpet or linoleum, but the trade-off in long-term durability, cost, and overall look more than makeup for the extra up-front time investment. It is yet another reason to use concrete flooring contractors or a concrete flooring installation service with considerable expertise – taking some extra time and care up-front to choose the best concrete flooring contractor can make or break a project. 



With so many design options available, as well as the semi-permanent nature of concrete flooring, it is crucial to understand what a concrete flooring contractor or concrete flooring installation service does and to research the expertise and offerings of a given concrete flooring contractor.


  • Typically, a concrete flooring contractor or concrete flooring installation service will have a showroom featuring different examples of their work, and the techniques and designs that are available at that firm. 
  • Many of the better concrete flooring installation services will also do on-site design consultations, take measurements, and develop renderings of the space. 
  • Additionally, quality concrete flooring contractors and installation services will walk customers through the specific process and timeline for their installation, so they know what to expect and can factor the overall timetable into their project plans.
  • Then the installation itself can take place, overseen, and executed by a well-trained and highly skilled concrete flooring contractor. 
  • Lastly, many concrete flooring installation services offer warranties on the materials and labor for the project, which ensures the result is consistent with a customer’s desires and withstands the test of time.


Selecting a professional concrete flooring installation service company is essential. Most experts agree that consumers should focus on six key considerations to help them choose the best concrete flooring contractor for their project.


The actual concrete flooring installation process that a concrete flooring contractor will follow can vary significantly from job to job-based on the factors specific to that individual build.  Key considerations and estimates are a must that one should discuss with the concrete flooring installation service for clarity of expectations.  The primary drivers of the timetable include:


  • The need for a concrete flooring contractor to protect surrounding areas/workspace.
  • The amount of time the concrete flooring installation service will need at each step to allow the concrete flooring to set and dry before proceeding to the next step.
  • The availability of the chosen materials and necessary equipment.
  • The accessibility of the worksite, including the condition of any existing flooring that needs repair or upgrades from the concrete flooring contractor before installation of new flooring.


Concrete flooring is a cost-effective, durable, and aesthetically pleasing option for both home and office. From design to installation, it’s a job best left to a well-trained concrete flooring contractor or concrete flooring installation service to obtain the best results. A thorough understanding of what a concrete flooring installation service does, and what factors a customer should consider when choosing a concrete flooring contractor, will help smooth the process of installing a new concrete floor that can be enjoyed for decades to come.